Style Spotlight: La Roux

Hello Lovelies!
I've decided to start a "Style Spotlight" section on this page
to write about some of the most fashion-forward ladies in the entertainment industry today. I really love it when I discover a talented singer that I'd previously never heard of.
The more obscure the band, the better!
However, I'm not one of those people who freak out when those lesser-known artists go mainstream...(aka, when they "sell out").
I love it when these people and bands become popular!
To me, this new-found popularity means that there are more people who get to enjoy their amazing music.
This also means I can discuss the music I love with more people!

For example, I've been listening to Sia for ages.
(If you don't know who she is, be sure to check her out on youtube!)
I was ecstatic when I found out she'd be singing on the Eclipse soundtrack.
Needless to say, her popularity is probably going to skyrocket and she won't be the "obscure" girl I once loved, but it doesn't matter to me.
I'll keep on listening to her!

The same is true with La Roux.
I discovered her music early last year. As soon as I heard "In for the Kill" and saw her amazing style,
I was hooked.
This girl totally rocks my socks.
She completely owns her Pompadour hairstyle plus, her androgynous
clothing is classy, fashion-forward and intriguing.

Notice how she pairs bold prints with low key pieces.
A simple, tailored jacket works perfect
to tone down the statement pieces in her outfits.

Fashion and style are all about balance,
a delicate balance that can easily be thrown out of whack.
Loud pieces are meant to be the center of attention and should be
paired with items that complement them and don't draw attention
away from them.
Notice how La Roux manages to pull off the wild pants in the photo above.
The simple coat and sleek shoes are what make the outfit work.

when putting an outfit together, only ONE part of it should completely
grab an observer's attention. If you opt for a bold shirt, pair it with simple
pants and minimal accessories...if it's printed pants, do the reverse.
Don't be afraid to experiment!
Fashion is all about expression, be yourself!

I love La Roux's music and style.
What do you think? Would you wear outfits like this,
or is this trend a bit too wild for your taste?
Let me know!
Also, if you have an artist or performer you'd like me to write about, shoot me an email!
I'd love to have your input!


  1. I love La Roux! Wicked idea to spotlight this band.

  2. ahh, la roux are really good! i saw them live, ellie's voice was just amazing! :)
    i'm also in LOVE with lady gaga, seeing her in december and SO SO SO excited!
    Olivia x

  3. i would wear something like laroux!!i love those contrasts of loud pieces with others more quite!!