Me, On Broadway?!

Hello Lovelies!
This post is WAY different from what I normally write, but I thought
it would be cool if I let you guys know a little bit more about myself.
You all know that I love fashion, but you probably didn't know that my true passion is singing.

(Yes, this is me in the picture and this is about the extent of my photoshop skills!)

I'm not on Broadway yet, but I had to catch your attention! :D
I started singing in church when I was 4 years old and started taking lessons when I was 12. Charlotte Church was my idol, I wanted to sound just like her. People always told me that I had a "big"
voice, but I was so shy, I never thought I'd be able to perform on stage. I started out singing opera and I know songs in 8 different languages.
My dad took the family to New York when I was 15.
While we were there, I saw Phantom of the Opera and it became my dream to perform on broadway.
As I got older, my confidence slowly began to grow.

I'm in college now getting a degree in Anthropology, I graduate in December. However, I still sing everyday. My whole life, people have told me I wouldn't make it and that singing is a stupid profession to persue.
But I won't give up on my dream.
I'm not on Broadway yet, but I swear one day I'll make it.
Here's a video of me singing Taylor the Latte Boy!

I just started using my youtube channel again, uploading videos of me singing. I wanted to share it with you all, my readers.
Let me know what you think and request songs,
I'd love to sing for you! Please share this post and my channel with your friends if you'd like, it would mean the world to me!
Here's the link to my channel, bwaydreaming:


  1. wow, you have a really beautiful voice! and that's amazing, 8 languages?! :D

    <3, Mimi

  2. your voice is so amazing:D and i really love this song. haha.

  3. What a fantastic singing voice and you're so pretty, you will definitely make it on Broadway. You just need to make sure you try out and make yourself available. Don't just dream it, be it!

  4. blogwalking :) nice blog! i love your header