You Look Like Victoria, Eclipse

Hello Lovelies!
It's Part 4 of my Twilight Outfit Saga!
Today, we're on to one of the main villains of the series...
She's extremely beautiful, cat-like, and has hair so red it looks like fire.
She's also exceptionally cruel and vengeful.
The beauty she exhibits on the outside is merely a cruel irony in comparison to her wicked heart.

I think every woman has little Victoria in her.
I mean to say that we all have something in us that makes us strong and mysterious...our inner femme fatale.
Let's tell the truth, Victoria is pretty cool...to say it bluntly, she kicks butt.
She's strong and can hold her own.
When designing Victoria's outfit, I wanted it to reflect her personality,
so I gave it a somewhat militaristic vibe. It had to be something that would hold up against excessive amounts of traveling through harsh
terrain but still look stylish.
The back of the cobweb shirt is amazing and I love the Raven Skull
and Om Necklaces. I added a fox ring because of it's symbolism.
To Native Americans, the fox represented an animal that could lure a person to their demise, just as Victoria destroys everyone she comes into contact with.
Here's the outfit I came up with, do you like it?
PS, if you like the Raven Skull Necklace but don't want to pay an
arm and a leg for it, you can find the exact same thing
on Etsy.com for as little as $25!
Plus, they're all handmade originals by artists around the world!

Victoria: Eclipse


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