My Oh Mi(ley Cyrus)!

Hello Lovelies!
Happy Tuesday, I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the fabulous summer weather. I just traveled down to Melbourne to
visit my friends at the beach and have a girls-only Eclipse Weekend.
The movie was amazing, if you haven't seen it yet,
quit reading this, get in your car and drive to the closest movie theater.
Be sure to drive like a Cullen on the way.

ANYWAY, on to what I'd really like to write about.
It seems like Miss Miley Cyrus has been turning up in the news quite a bit nowadays...and never for the right reasons.
I'll admit, even though I'm in my 20's, when I wake up on Saturday mornings, I'll eat breakfast and watch The Suite Life of Zack and Cody as well as Hannah Montana...Laugh if you want, but
I know you do it too!

With all the buzz surrounding this girl, I have to
ask a few questions:
1.What happened to the old Miley we know and love?
2. Why is she suddenly anti-pants?
3. Why would any parent allow their daughter to act this way?
4. Is anyone actually buying her CD's?

Ok, we get it, you can't be tamed.
You're almost 18 and you enjoy showing off your tattoos and pencil-thin body.
But seriously, have you lost your mind?!
Miley, bless your little pea-pickin' heart,
(as we say here in the south)
I do believe you've gone off your rocker.

It seems as though our dear little Miley is on a mission to experience
everything life has to offer by the time she's 18.
Since when did "growing up" become synonymous with "becoming a slut"?

Pole dancing, lap dancing, lingerie shopping sprees and faux-lesbian kisses... this girl is on a fast track to become the next LiLo.
(Get your SCRAM anklets ready)

What do you all think about Miley and her behavior?
Is this just a part of growing up or is she out of control?


  1. ahahahaha...this made me laugh. thanks.

  2. Great post! I definitely agree with you, what she's doing is absolutely nuts, not to mention completely tasteless. I hope she comes to her senses sometime soon.

  3. i used to love her but ive gone off her so much :(
    i dont know why she feels the need to show off her body so much when shes got really young fans out there xx

  4. Great post, it's been on my mind a lot lately, what with her headlines and her new CD just coming out. I used to be a fan of Mileys (ya, and I'm 22, lol) but all this screams to me lately is *trying too hard.* She's not making "growing up" a natural thing, she's trying desperately to act... I don't even know the words! I guess she thinks this is how you should act to seem grown up? Not sure who she's learning from! It's just so desperate and over the top to me. We get that you can't be tamed, and want to act out, but it's just not cool. Unfortunately I won't be buying her latest CD just because I don't want to support her new image.

  5. I have to admit, I haven't been keeping up with her, so I haven't seen or heard about all the wildness. I know you should live life to your fullest, but doing things you'll later be ashamed of shouldn't be part of it.

  6. I love how in her autobiography she relates back to sluts and how her christian upbringing will always keep her sane, but that can't be right. Her book is all lies. 'I will never let fame change me', well you kinda have my lovely.

    I hate her now, even though being 15- I still adore watching the TV shows.. except, thats a character. I think people have based their opinions on the radical change from Hannah Montana to No Knickers Girl, when actually Hannah Montana and Miley Stuart are just characters.

  7. totally agree!
    I'll turn 18 this December,
    and I don't think she have to act that way.
    she have a lot of young fans out there.
    parents, don't let your daughters make her as an idol. anyways, already followed you. please follow me back. thanks. n_n

  8. its just part of growing up.you actually think she is going to stay that young innocent miley forever.its the life of a celebrity.