New Obsession: Florence and the Machine

Hello Lovelies!
I just discovered this amazing singer, her name is Florence,
more commonly known as
Florence and the Machine.
Her voice is amazingly beautiful, she puts so much into emotion
and soul into her songs.
Plus, I love her style and her hair is gorgeous!

I got some pictures together of her in her amazing clothes, I also added
a link to one of my favorite songs, Drumming Song.
Have you all heard of her before, what do you think of her voice
and her outfits?


  1. I adore her style, hair, and music. She's lovely all around. :)

  2. Her music is quite good and she has unique style! your blog is adorable! check out mine!

  3. I like her voice, it's different. I love her bangs, they fall so right. I need to get my hair cut lol. Thanks for sharing, I love learning new artists.


  4. BTW gave you an award! check it out ;-)

  5. You might like Bat for Lashes, too, if you haven't heard of them!

  6. She's incredible, I saw the band live back in June and she just commands the stage completely. It's very subtle, but it's almost magical and what really surprised me as well is that when she spoke ( I was expecting a loud voice sort of to go with her singing voice), she seemed really soft spoken. If you ever get the chance to see F&TM live, do it, it's incredible. They started with Howl, my fave song, and it makes the crowd go crazy :)